Wordpress vs Blogger Comparision in 2021 – Pros and Cons

If you are thinking about being a blogger, then you must have thought about starting with WordPress vs Blogspot. These are the two topmost CMS when it comes to blogging.

In this article, we’ll try to draw a clear picture on which one of the two is better for a beginner by comparing the two on multiple factors.

Appearance (WordPress vs Blogger)

Wordpress vs Blogger Comparision in 2020 - Pros and Cons

Appearance is the most important factor for a blogger. A writer wants his audience to like his website both in its capability to provide information and in terms of how visually appealing the website is.

Both WordPress and blogger offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to creating a visually appealing website. With multiple pre-created themes, both WordPress and blogger make it easier for a beginner to start blogging without worrying about the backend of their website. But coming to the modification, Blogspot does not provide many options but with WordPress, you can do all the tweaking you want to the website.

WordPress has ten times the themes compared to WordPress. With thousands of plugins, WordPress will make customizing your website absolutely easy for you compared to Blogspot.

So in terms of appearance WordPress is the clear winner.

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Writing (WordPress vs Blogger)

This is the most important aspect of the website for a blogger. It should be easy and convenient to post on your website. If it’s too complicated, then it will take a lot of time to update your blog which could create a hurdle to your blogging business.

So when it comes to writing and posting blogpost is the simplest CMS. You only need to type your article on the BlogSpot, it is similar to typing in Microsoft word whereas it could get a bit complicated to post in WordPress.

Blogspot is the clear winner when it comes to updating your blog.

Security (WordPress vs Blogger)

security in Worpress vs blogger

Blogger comes with the support of Google’s security systems which could possibly be the best security system in the world. You won’t need to worry about the security, and hosting of your blog.

WordPress is also amongst the most secure hosting series but there have been holes earlier in the security systems of WordPress.

Support (WordPress vs Blogger)

The support system of the blogger is not as active as WordPress. There are very limited options for support.

WordPress has an active support system. With their active community, you will get quick support from official sources. Also, there are entire forums dedicated to WordPress errors and problems which can help you fix your problems instantly.

So in terms of support for WordPress vs blogger, WordPress is again a clear winner.

Updates (WordPress vs Blogger)

Blogger is getting old and is not customizable enough for today’s need. It would be great to see some real updates and changes in the system but that has not happened. It almost seems like blogger is a side project for Google, which might even be compared to all the other services that Google offers.

WordPress is open-source software. There is no dependency on the company for regular updates. Which is why they get regular updates from developers and are quick to fix errors.

So in this round of WordPress vs blogger, WordPress wins.

In the end, WordPress seems like way ahead of the blogger when you compare the two. If the blogger remains the same you can expect it to die out. Already everyone has switched to WordPress and the remaining will soon. So, it would be better if you started out with WordPress.

Hopefully, this article helped you choose the platform that is right for your need.

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