Why Is My Blog Not Making Money?

Starting a blog can be exciting. The thought of sharing your ideas with the world and getting paid in return is attractive. But most people quit after the first month itself when they realize that it’s not that easy to monetize their blogs.

Even people who have been blogging for a year now can face the same challenges where their blog generates measly pennies compared to the hard work they have put in.

Today we are going to look at 5 reasons why your blog is not making money and what can you do to change that.

Shitty content

If you are not getting any traffic, then the first thing that you should take a look at is your content because the content is king on the internet.

No matter how much money you spend on web design or marketing as long as you have shitty content your blog will be avoided. If you have content worth marketing, then and only then can you survive as a blogger.

Remember 99% of the bloggers on the internet today don’t make any real money. It is the 1% that have the quality who win at blogging and generate unimaginable amounts of money.

So, focus on creating content that is actually helpful to the reader and you will have people lining up to read your next post.

No revenue model

If you have got content down, then the next thing you should focus on is to have a monetization scheme because that is how you’ll be making money.

Most of the newbie bloggers I have come across have no strategy to monetize their blog which could be dangerous is the long run.

You need to think of how you will be generating money right from the day you start blogging.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not telling you to start a blog based solely on your desire to make money but if you want to make any real money then you need to get serious from day one.

So, for those of you who don’t know how to choose a monetization scheme, take a look at the following revenue sources that most bloggers use and choose one that best suits you.

Before settling upon any of these streams do thorough research into your niche to find out the most popular one.

Once you have a revenue stream down and you start making money with your blog then you can add other means to your revenue model.

Unprofitable niche

Targeting a niche is really important when you start blogging because you do not want to talk about affiliate marketing in one post and diabetes in the next.

But even when you are choosing a niche for your blog you shouldn’t just start writing about anything because there are certain niches that are more profitable than the others, for example, a digital marketing niche blog will generate more money than a pet-oriented one.

If you have good traffic and still you’re struggling with making money from your blog, then chances are that your niche is unprofitable meaning there are not many brands targeting your niche.

But how do you find out if your niche is profitable or not?

Well, you can start with a simple google search to find out if you can make any money in your niche or not.

Simply google a keyword related to your niche and check if any ads appear on the search results page. If there are then there is money to be made.

My Blog Not Making Money

As you can see here the first four results are ads which means there are brands competing to advertise to the readers in this niche. And you can be the one to provide these brands with a platform to advertise on. (your blog)

So, make sure that you target readers from a niche that is profitable.

Insufficient marketing

Once you have got all the basics of blogging down from creating a website to choosing a niche and monetizing your website next you’ll need to start thinking about generating traffic to your website.

There plenty of ways to generate traffic to your website but the best one is organic search. The problem is that new blogs hardly ever rank on the first page of search engines thus they don’t get any traffic organically.

So the only option that you have left is to market yourself to readers. Be it paid or free marketing must be your go-to strategy for generating traffic. Now, I know that not many of us are not willing to spend money on marketing when we create our first blog which leaves us with free marketing.

Even with free marketing, you can generate huge amounts of traffic to your blog, you just need to find the right place to market. And currently, there is no better place than social media for new bloggers.

Out of all the social media sites, Pinterest is the best place in 2019 for you to generate huge amounts of traffic. But remember to create content worth marketing before you actually start marketing.

Not communicating with the reader

You have a product that you think will help your reader and you tell them to buy it but instead of getting tons of sales notifications you are getting none.

If this sounds like something that is happening to you then it is a clear indication that your words are not resonating with your audience. If you are not able to convince your readers to buy a product, then you will not make anything with blogging because affiliate marketing and product selling are the most important source of revenue for any blogger.

How do you convince your readers to buy something?

  • Give them value
  • Make them trust your word
  • Provide them helpful products
  • Don’t sound like a salesman
  • Pull back from selling till you establish a reader base for your blog

Once you are able to convince your audience to trust your word on a product, you’ll be able to generate a lot of money even with low traffic.

These are 5 reasons why your blog is not making money.

If any of them applies to you then you need to make some changes to your way of doing things. But at the same time remember that blogging is mainly about sharing information and helping others.


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