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Top 10 most popular and Richest bloggers in India 2019

Richest bloggers in India: You’ve seen a lot of bloggers on the internet talking about their blogging experience and you’re thinking about starting your own blog. While blogs are easy to use and with a few clicks, you can share your thoughts with the world. Your blog is a staple of who you are. You are the ultimate expression of you on the web. So, you need to start your journey the right way to get any success in blogging and for that, you must know about some of the top bloggers of India, how they work, how they’ve started their journey as a blogger.

Though there are lots of bloggers in India who make a lot of money through their blogs by affiliate marketing, Ad Sense, paid advertisements. In this article, I will give a comprehensive review of the top 10 richest Bloggers in India and their earnings. also, read Top Programming Language in India.

Harsh Agarwal (ShoutMeLoud.com)

richest Bloggers in India
richest Bloggers in India

Harsh Agarwal is an Indian richest blogger who first started his blog as a hobby, and now he is one of the top 10 most successful bloggers in India. He earns millions just by writing blogs. His blog ShoutMeLoud is related to digital marketing where he talks about SEO, starting and managing a blog, social media and other similar topics.

5 Tips to Choose a Niche for Blogging by Harsh Aggarwal to become the richest blogger in India.

Harsh is a graduate in engineering. After his graduation, he worked as a call centre boy in Gurgaon India. His blog ShoutMeLoud is one of the most popular blogs in India right now.

He launched his blog in the year 2009 and soon its blog was an instant success. He is amongst very few bloggers who generate over a million page views a month. As per reports he earns approximately $20000-$40000 PM.

Amit Agarwal (Labnol.org)

Top Most Richest Bloggers in India
Top Most Richest Bloggers in India

Basically, Amit Agarwal is the first Indian professional blogger. He holds an Engineering degree from IIT in the department of computer science. In 2004, he quit his job and then started his journey as a full-time professional blogger. Within a few months, Amit started earning a good amount of money, an estimated $10,00,000 by selling direct Products & services, affiliate marketing, Google Ad Sense and Sponsors. Also read, How to make money with Blog?

Shradha Sharma (YourStory.com)

Top Most Richest Bloggers in India

Shradha Sharma is one of the most famous bloggers of India. She has proven that women too can aspire to be the best at whatever they set their minds on. Shradha Sharma is the founder and chief editor of YourStory.com. Earlier she used to work as an assistant president at CNBC TV.

She writes about entrepreneurship on her blog. She currently has a team of 5 to 6 bloggers located in Bangalore.YourStory.com receives almost 1 million views page views per month which nets them around $20,000 a month.

Faisal Farooqui (MouthShut.com)

Top Most Richest Bloggers in India
Top Most Richest Bloggers in India

Faisal Farooqui is a well-known entrepreneur and co-founder of MouthShut.com. He has a bachelor’s degree from the state university of New York in the department of system and finance.

In 2012 he made the list of top business people in India and his blog played a major role in the consumer product review.

Through his successful blog, he now earns an estimated $50,000 from his website, which makes him one of the top 10 most successful bloggers of India.

Srinivas Tamada (9Lessions.info)

Top Most Richest Bloggers in India
Top Most Richest Bloggers in India

Mr. Srinivas Tamada is one of the most popular names in the world of blogging. Srinivas is currently earning $15,000 to $35,000 on his blogs. It is dedicated to technology, PHP, Ajax, and other web design projects. His blogs are very prominent among those who are into programming and web development. His famous blog 9Lessions.info is helping a lot of people who are into programming and web development.

Varun Krishnan (FoneArena.com)

Richest Bloggers
Top Most Richest Bloggers

Varun Krishnan is another prominent blogger in my list of top 10 bloggers of India. His blog FoneArena.com is dedicated to technology, phone reviews, mobile phones. He reviews to new mobile and new gadgets. He gives an unbiased analysis and reviews that his reader finds informative. His blog is highly rated in India which allows him to earn a decent $20,000 which mainly comes from paid advertisements, Ad Sense, and affiliate marketing.

Arun Prabhudesai (Trak.in)

Top Most Richest Bloggers
Top Most Richest Bloggers

Arun Prabhudesai is the founder of Trak.in, a blog dedicated to technology, mobile, internet, and telecom. He is a passionate blogger, who started his journey in 2007 as a blogger. He is an awesome content writer who gives a regular flow of some exceptional valuable information in his chosen niche. From affiliate marketing, Ad Sense and paid advertisement he earns a monthly income of $15,000. Also read, 5 ways to make money while you sleep.

Ashish Sinha (NextWhatBig.com)

Top Most Richest Bloggers in India
Top Most Richest Bloggers in India

Ashish Sinha is another popular and successful blogger from India whose name appears most of the times in the list of top 10 bloggers from India due to his skill and hard work. He has worked with some of the most repudiated international brands such as IBM and Yahoo before stepping into blogging.

In 2007, he quit his job and started NextWhatBig.com which focused on some very hot topics such as startups and technology.

Currently, with his exceptional work and skills, Ashish Sinha earns a monthly income of $18,000 USD from his blogs through affiliate marketing, Ad-sense and paid advertisements.

Jaspal Singh (SaveDelete.com)

Jaspal Singh is another blogger then is well known by those who are passionate about blogging and entrepreneurship. Jaspal Singh is the co-founder of SaveDelete.com. He has a degree in mechanical engineering which could have landed some very high profile jobs but he chose to stick with blogging. He writes about Internet tips, software, computing, and various tech-related niches.

Due to his hard work and talent, he earns $8,000 per month form his blog.

Amit Bwani (androidadvices.com)

Top Most Richest Bloggers in India
Top Most Richest Bloggers in India

Amit Bwani is another top-notch Indian blogger who started his journey as a blogger in the year 2007. His blog is dedicated to technology, he mainly writes about mobile phones, gadgets, tablets and other technical stuff that is currently in news. He is the co-founder of AndroidAdvices.com which is very successful and allows him to earn a decent $25,000 per month.

With this, we have concluded our list of 10 most popular Indian bloggers. These guys have turned their names into a brand and if you wish to be successful like them then you need to learn a lot about blogging because space is very competitive at the moment.

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