5 Tips to choose a niche for blogging

Hey! You have decided to start a blog, but before you do any of that you need to choose a niche for blogging. Choosing a niche for blogging is important because once you start with a niche then you will have to talk about it for about the next couple of years, and build an entire blog around it. Which is why finding the right niche for your blog is one of the most crucial tasks when starting a blog. But it is often paid less heed when people start blogging and then it causes a problem where the niche is either too broad and hard to rank for, or too narrow to make a good income.

In this post we’ll try to clear your confusion and help you choose a niche for blogging that you can enjoy writing on and make a good turnaround profit.

Make sure you follow these 5 steps and you’ll be able to choose the best niche for blogging in no time.

Follow your passion

When starting a blog first look within yourself and find something that you love to talk about. If you start with a niche for your blog that you have no passion in, trust me you’ll quit as soon as the going gets tough.

When you start with a niche that you are passionate about then you will have thorough knowledge about it and you will have fun giving it to people and acquiring more knowledge about the niche.

All the big bloggers who started without ever even thinking about making an income through their blog are today living off of it because they started blogging to talk about what they loved and choose a niche for blogging which interested them. Be it traveling, cooking, fitness, entrepreneurship anything as long as it interests you is a good niche to get into.

Here’s a task for you. Make a list of all the topics that you enjoy and then think which one do you have deep knowledge about and you would love to pursue.

Lookup the target market

So you have decided upon a topic and are ready to start putting your words on the web. But wait before you start off make sure that the niche that you have chosen is big enough for you to make money. It is very important that you choose a niche for blogging which can make you money.

Let’s say programming is one of your interests. Head over to google trends and look up programming to see how big the audience is for this keyword. Google trends will also help you to analyze whether a topic is growing interest or the interest is declining in that topic.

niche for blogging

As you can see, programming is a very popular topic. So you will have no problem generating a good income.

Start with a narrow niche for Your Blog

Next step is to choose a narrow niche for blogging, for example in your case if your topic is programming then that would be a market too broad to rank for. What you can do is start off with a subtopic and establish your domain authority in that after which you can expand more in the niche.

Consider that you start posting about ‘python programming language’, once you see that your articles start to appear in a google search for it then you can start blogging for other programming languages. This way it would be easier to do SEO for your blog then starting off with too broad a niche.

Niche for blogging should be profitable

And finally, if you want to earn money from your blog, make sure your article is good enough to attract a lot of traffic, which will allow you to monetize your blog and to earn a good amount of money.

Always see if brands and businesses are targeting your keywords for advertising. If people are targeting specific keywords relating to your niche, it means you are choosing the right niche for blogging.

Learn programming niche for blogging search result

One way of checking if your niche is targeting advertisers is by doing a google search yourself and if you see ads for that search then it means you can make a good return for your time.

One more thing you should surely look into when starting a blog is to look for affiliate programs in that niche. Affiliate programs are the biggest source of income for big bloggers. So much so that these bloggers don’t even advertise on their blogs rather they offer products for their affiliates.

You can find these affiliate programs just by doing a quick search on the internet. So make sure you start with a niche for blogging that is has good affiliate programs.

If you do not know what affiliate marketing is then you can check our video here.

Make sure it’s trendy

Make sure that the niche for blogging that you choose is trendy or else you’ll end up out of ideas. Programming is a topic which will be never-ending because there will always be new updates, new languages etc. But something like Jogging cannot be expanded to a point where you can post about it daily for years.

Trendy topics also do time jumps where there is a sudden interest in the topic leading to situations where if planned properly you can generate huge traffic to your blog.

Best niche for blogging :Conclusion

Always choose a niche for blogging which is interesting to you and do proper planning before choosing a niche for your blog. If you follow these instructions and have skills to complete your job your blogging can become a successful venture!

Here are some popular blogging niche’s that fall into all the above categories and can generate you a good income.




4.Social and People






So finally, you have decided upon your niche then all there is left is for you to start posting. Post regularly and don’t get impatient and quit. Blogging is a long term game which takes time to bear fruit so stick with your blog be consistent and work hard and smart, you’ll surely make a great blogger.


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