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Download old deleted websites in 2021
Download old deleted websites in 2021 – Wayback Machine

Download old deleted websites in 2021 or Wayback Machine: Don’t worry if you want to get back your lost website or want to check your website history. It’s not a very tough job, you just need to follow few simple steps and you will get a history of a website using Wayback Machine. What is Wayback Machine? The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World…

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FizzBuzz in js
How to create FizzBuzz in Javascript

FizzBuzz in js is a basic program to make the beginners better understanding of their own code. using this you can learn how the code actually works. here are two methods in javascript to create FizzBuzz. Using the Function using for Loop Q: Write a program that uses console.log to print all the numbers from 1 to 100,   with two exceptions. For numbers divisible by 3, print “Fizz” instead of the…

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Make Money without any investment
Which is the Best Programming language for freelancing in 2021

Which is the Best Programming language for freelancing in 2020? the Best Programming language for freelancing in 2020: If I am a Programmer or want to be a Programmer/Coder, Then the first question in my mind is “Best Programming language for freelancing” or “Best Programming language to make money”. These days, Technology increases day by day, and competition between programming languages is at the top level. I…

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Freelance Programmer in India
How To Niche Down as a Freelance Programmer in India

Freelance Programmer in India: Being an expert is one of the best things you can do for your career or your freelance business as a programmer. People respect experts because they are experts in a given field, in which they have more experience than generalists. And not only that, but experts can work more efficiently and command higher rates in their fields. Who is a specialist, anyway?…

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mileweb Vps Hosting
MilesWeb VPS Hosting: Is It Really the Best VPS Hosting?

Are you thinking to launch your website online? There are many factors that come into play while choosing a web hosting company which includes domain, design, and development. While the web design and development part will be handled by your developer, the next step is to pick a web host. There are so many web hosting solutions available, like WordPress hosting, Shared hosting, dedicated server, Cloud hosting,…

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Best ways for freelancers to make money

Best ways for freelancers to make money: Everyone does not have the temperament to sit in a brick and mortar office for nine hours daily. You are expected to work hard even though noticeable increments are a rare sight. Freelancing is the most dominating earning option at present. If you have the skill, settling down for a limited sum is not mandatory. You can work for multiple…

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