blogging with google
Blogging with google: How to start a blog

Blogging with google is really popular these days. Blogger is a free blog publishing tool by google which is the most used CMS for blogging. Let’s see how you can start blogging with google. Registering with google Firstly, you need an account on blogger to start blogging with google. If you have…


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5 Tips to choose a niche for blogging

Hey! You have decided to start a blog, but before you do any of that you need to choose a niche for blogging. Choosing a niche for blogging is important because once you start with a niche then you will have to talk about it for about the next couple of years,…


Why is My Blog Not Making Money
Why Is My Blog Not Making Money?

Starting a blog can be exciting. The thought of sharing your ideas with the world and getting paid in return is attractive. But most people quit after the first month itself when they realize that it’s not that easy to monetize their blogs. Even people who have been blogging for a year…


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